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Can I get a quote or book you for a project?

I'd love to chat about your voiceover needs, provide a quote and work with you on your project!

You can reach me using the form at the bottom of the page or email me directly at

Can I request a custom audition using my script?

Of course! I know that sometimes demos aren't enough to help you make your decision and I'm pleased to provide a custom sample so you can hear how your script will sound.

Do you offer a flat fee monthly retainer?

If you have ongoing work and need a consistent, professional voice to deliver on your project needs, I'm your guy! Reach out to me today and let's talk about your needs, budget and the amount of work.

How much will my voiceover project cost?

Individual project costs are dependent on a number of factors including project type (eg. audiobook, TV commercial, eLearning), length of the script, your budget and intended usage.

My rates for standalone projects start from $150 and I would be pleased to provide you a custom quote.

Just fill out the information in the form below and I'll get back to you quickly with a custom quote!


Information about industry standard rates can be found on Global Voice Acting Academy or on Gravy For The Brain.

When will you deliver my project?

I know time is money and voiceover is usually the last link in your production chain.


Most projects that are less than 1,000 words can be delivered within 24 hours, though I strive to deliver as quickly as I can. If I'm unable to meet these timelines for any reason (eg. workload, seasonality, holidays) I will let you know this up front.

Need it sooner?

Depending on availability and scope I may be able to deliver in as little as 1 hour.

Reach out to discuss rush options.

Longer and more complex projects will require more time for delivery due to the extra production required.

The best way to get an accurate delivery estimate is to reach out to me for a custom quote.

What kind of files will I receive?

I generally record all audio at 48kHz and 24 bit, and deliver finished audio in high quality WAV format.

Let me know if you need a different file type or recording quality (eg. 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, mp3 to meet ACX standards)

I'm able to meet most requirements, typically at no extra cost.

How will you deliver my voiceover to me?

For smaller projects, audio files can typically be delivered by email.

For larger projects, I'll provide a secure OneDrive link for you to download your audio files directly. 

If there's another file sharing platform your organization uses (eg. Slack) I'm happy to accommodate where possible.

Are you able to add music or sound effects to my voiceover?

Yes I can!

I have access to a library of stock music and FX that I have purchased licensing to use.

I can add these tracks to your project at an extra cost per track.

What is your revision policy?

Revisions due to a mistake on my part are free.

Other revisions, including script changes, may add additional cost to your project. 

You can view my full revision policy here.

Don't see an answer to your question? Let's chat!

I'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you have!

Reach out to me using the form below or email me directly at

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